Our favorite yearly project,

Bill Kinney's Trophy Whitetail Deer Calendar.




           GREAT is the problem we had. How can a problem be great? When there is too much of a good thing!


    Between bowhunting Elk, rifle hunting Whitetail and Antelope, we put in hundreds of hours chasing deer with the Nikons.


  The Great Deer Kahunas saw blessed to put an unbelievable crop of giant whitetails in front of our Nikons...not a bad problem, eh?    


    Not only did Ma Nature see fit to put them there, she also made them Huge, we're talking Necks and Antlers here. She adorned them with droptines, jewel speckled frost, flaming fall colors and of course....rain!!! Oh, yeah, just for the heck of it put them in a raging river going after hot does!


    This is one extraordinary crop of whitetails, even after 26 years of photographing these brutes I personally can't believe what was captured...I think you'll feel the same way.


    Please enjoy, a lot of blood (yes blood) sweat and miles went into the capturing of these great bucks.    Learn more about our Calendar Here.                       


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